Generator Set Maintenance Lists
Generator Set Maintenance Lists

Generator Set Maintenance Checklists

Megah Machinery provide rental of generator set in Johor Bahru, Johor with more than 15 years of experience. To ensure generator set is well functioning, generator set regular maintenance is critical to provide power or electricity during power outage.

There are a few basic maintenance tasks that should be performed when starting up of generator set. However, some of the generator set maintenance tasks which involved tests and complicated procedures is best to leave to the professional’s maintenance team.

Generator Set Daily Maintenance Check:

Maintaining a generator set is essential to ensure it operates reliably during power outages or in remote locations. Here’s a comprehensive maintenance checklist for generator sets:

For customer renting of generator set, there are a few maintenances tasks customer can perform by having a quick visual inspection of the generator set.
If generator set use daily or run frequently, we can take note for below sign:

  • Oil leaks from generator set
  • Alarm or warning lights shown on the panel of generator set
  • Pest intrusion in the generator set
Oil leaking from generator set can be easily seen on the ground or inside the generator set. When power up the generator set, pay attention to the warning light or alarm on the panel and immediately seek advise from generator set service provide. As to avoid pest intrusion, please keep the area of generator set clean and washing of generator set when is necessary.

If generator set is for standby and will only start up a few weeks a time, here are a few things that need to be checked:
  • Check generator set fuel levels
  • Check whether there is sign of leak from generator set
  • Overall appearance of the generator set
It is at best to start up generator set and check its functionality. When starting up listen to engine sound and smoke blown out from exhaust should not be white or excessively. Other than checking the generator set exhaust system, manifold, muffler and exhaust pipe need to inspect to check sign of leak or issue of overheating.

Megah follow strict schedule on servicing of generator set, every 350 hours we will perform service for our generator set by changing fuel filter, oil filter, changing of oil and also air filter if is dusty. Checking of belting tension, battery and coolant level is necessary to ensure the generator set functionality. If the environment of the generator set is dusty, washing and cleaning of generator set can be done, cleaning battery cables and terminal is necessary to remove dirt and corrosion.

If generator set has been left unutilised for more than a year, it is suggested to recruit professional service team to inspect the generator set.
  • To check and change oil and oil filter for the generator set
  • To inspect wiring and electrical system of the generator set
  • To inspect the air intake system for the generator set
  • To perform function test and load bank testing for the generator set
  • Clean the generator set
Other Considerations:
  1. Service Records:
  • Maintain detailed service records of the generator set including dates, performed maintenance tasks, and any observations or issues noted.
  1. Operating Environment:
  • Ensure the generator set is protected from extreme weather conditions, moisture, and contaminants.
  1. Emergency Preparedness:
  • Have spare parts, filters, fluids, and tools readily available for routine maintenance and unexpected repairs for the generator set.
  1. Manufacturer's Manual:
  • Always refer to the generator set manufacturer’s manual for specific maintenance intervals, procedures, and recommendations.
By following this checklist and adhering to the manufacturer’s guidelines, you can ensure your generator set remains in optimal condition, ready to provide reliable power when needed. Regular maintenance helps prevent costly repairs and downtime, ensuring your generator set operates efficiently and extends its lifespan.

While performing schedule maintenance, it helps to extend the service life for the generator set. If you required further information on maintenance and servicing of generator set, please do not hesitate to contact us at 07-387 3118 / 012-789 1736.

Published : 15-Mar-2024

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