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Air Compressor / Generator Set Supplier & Rental Johor, Malaysia

Megah Machinery (Megah) is a fast growing air compressor supplier and generator set rental business in Johor Bahru, Johor Malaysia. We have been in the business of supply rental, sales and services of reconditioned & new air compressor and generator set for 10 years since first starting up as a sole proprietor on 2012. With our 10 years of experience in the industry of machinery and equipment, Megah is specialized in rental of used/reconditioned (recond) generator set (genset) and air compressor especially Airman portable diesel air compressor to the marine/oil and gas industry, construction industry and to most of the industrial users.

We have wide numbers of product from air compressor – portable diesel air compressor with Airman air compressor range from 175cfm to 830cfm and electrical screw compressor range from 10hp to 100hp and above, generator set rental (genset rental) with Denyo generator set, Airman generator set and Nippon Sharyo generator set range from 20kVA to 500kVA. We also provide rental services to equipment such as Miller welding machine, air dryer – refrigerated air dryer & desiccant dryer, air receiver tank, 6 inch diesel water pump, solar light tower, electrical distribution board (DB box), bar bender & bar cutter, air-cooled after cooler etc.

Dry Air Solution
To provide a high quality service to our valued customer, we are constantly improving ourselves to provide a hassle free and best solutions to our customers’ needs. Hence, supplying air compressor is not just what we can do, we can rent a whole set of compressed air system complete with dry air system which include air dryers such as refrigerated air dryer & desiccant dryer and air receiver tank. We are confident that our dry air system can achieve your need of quality air which is as low as -20°C to -40°C. Inquiry us now for a free consultation!



To become leading air compressor & generator set rental business in Malaysia.


To provide high quality rental services.

Core Values


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